Lil Spill

December 8, 2016

So proud of the opening in Tokyo last night .

my god I am tired .  Back and forth from Tokyo to Wales . While I am excited for these bars I wished they had been spaced a little further apart ! Sitting at Narita airport . Going home for 3 days .  I miss the kid so much . Jackson  at 17 probably doesn’t miss me quite as much .

Not to jinx it but last night’s opening went well . A bunch of issues but nothing that is not easily fixed . Let’s speak about easily fixed , I gained 5 lbs in Tokyo . Damn rice and soy sauce .  There will be an insane diet/ workou regime in place when I land ! We went to some incredible sushi restaurants including Jiro from the Famous documentary . All the blow fish I could of done without ( especially the blow fish fin Sake ) . Lizzie and I tried everything ! Kind of thankful I am leaving before the ” shark knuckles ” that have been offered to us by the Tokyo management . ” where exactly are the shark ‘ s knuckles ?”

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