Lil Spill

November 10, 2016

Headed to Nashville for the anniversary ! 3 hours spent at airport yesterday . Delays . Change of flight plan .  I finally just went home to try again . Now I am on my layover in Oakland . I am sitting at the little airport eatery watching Tv . News : ” Trump issues statement : he will cut millions of dollars of funding to California . Campaign for California to Sucede from the US”. Let the Tyranny begin . What we didn’t vote for him so now ” off with their heads “?

As you get older you have to go through a litany of health exams . Last night I told Kevin if anything is ever wrong I will use it for everything . ” sorry sir I know I cut the line but I have cancer.” ” officer,  I know I was speeding but I was just diagnosed with …”  ” ma’am my mother had … it’s a hereditary disease so please let me take the last ticket from you .” I wonder how much you could get ?


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