Lil Spill

November 8, 2016

Election Day!! I always feel such a great sense of pride when I vote. A true honor. My mother was born in Colombia and had to earn her citizenship. I remember how incredibly proud she was to become a citizen. We were allowed to take the day off of school to watch her get sworn in. She was jubilant that day.  It was only in the last ten years that she was asked to choose a country and discard the other’s citizenship. While she loved her Colombian heritage there was not a moment of hesitation that she would pick the U.S. My dad in juxtaposition was a Son of the Mayflower. His lineage dated to the crossing of the Mayflower to Plymouth rock. We were always filled with great stories of our True American roots. So today I am proud to be an American and I am honored to have the right to vote.

Everyone who knows me knows I am very liberal. So no real questions on where I will vote. This election is interesting. I have been fascinated by friends who are  torn about their Republican foundation. Party or Country? Do you vote for someone clearly unqualified and mentally unstable because he is on your party’s ballot? Do you vote against him because you fear his mental incompetence? Or do you stay home and not vote at all?  The psychology of this election. Fascinating. Regardless of party. Go out and VOTE!

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