Wales bar coming along. talks with MTV about reality show documenting the foreign openings. Here we go.

My son is 17 today. So of course Jackson’s dad and I have been sharing baby pictures all morning. Next year he will be a legal adult. I am in my late 40s. Is it weird that I feel like I need to do a naked photoshoot? I have this awful feeling that my body will start falling apart and I need documentation that I was fit . OLD. 

Ceiling of the Gynocologists office !

Bartender exchange program seemed to be a success . It makes me proud .  As a young bartender I never had opportunities to travel . Most bartenders never get this type of opportunity . A gratitude to the Universe for Coyote Ugly being successful .

Why the hell am I so nervous that tomorrow my son takes the PSAT?  This is insanity . I arranged calls , work, and even an outing with staff around test time and when I will hear from my son .  We won’t even know results for months . Two NYers raising their son in Southern California . ” let’s go visit Berkeley and Stanford . What about UCLA and Pomona .”

Mom how about  Mesa Communiti college . You know I may want to just wash cars and we won’t have to worry about that .” ( there is nothing wrong with community college or washing cars . But I have given him the best education , I could and he’s a 4.0 student so I do expect more )

Funny Jackson . The sarcastic humor can be funny , but  don’t  give your mother a heart attack.

One of my NYU friends lives in Los Angeles with his wife and kids. He told me that he has officially stopped saying anything . His son is picking colleges around weather and surf conditions .  Lol

img_0234Went out with Dinesti ( GM San Diego) , her mom and son . Wonderful people . Dinesti was happy that my SD stalker has now contributed $1000 to their charity drive . He’s moving up from Flowers and Pastries to donations !  Excellent .

Somd very positive things happening today . I feel very inspired .

” Ok Dinesti , get off your ass and run on Saturday . You can’t eat a baked potato with the works and not expect to get called out “!

We are busy busy busy!!! Trying to coordinate all these bar openings. When it rains it pours.

I try not to talk politics but this election is comical. It’s truly like watching an accident. Is it me or does the constant sniffing by Trump imply drugs? Just an observation.   Let’s get some popcorn these last few weeks should be unbelievably crazy.

My ex-husband and I have an ongoing bet about who is healthier. He doesn’t drink. He exercises every day. He is so strict with what he eats. Honestly, I think he is simply genetically inferior. Hereditary issues.   I just received this text.

Tony: ”  Give me 6 years and i’ll bet you. Loser pays for the others funeral. Accidents don’t count. just natural causes”

Me; LOL OMG But you can’t go cheap has to be the way I want my funeral to be.”

$10,000 cap on funeral.