Lil Spill

October 18, 2016

Why the hell am I so nervous that tomorrow my son takes the PSAT?  This is insanity . I arranged calls , work, and even an outing with staff around test time and when I will hear from my son .  We won’t even know results for months . Two NYers raising their son in Southern California . ” let’s go visit Berkeley and Stanford . What about UCLA and Pomona .”

Mom how about  Mesa Communiti college . You know I may want to just wash cars and we won’t have to worry about that .” ( there is nothing wrong with community college or washing cars . But I have given him the best education , I could and he’s a 4.0 student so I do expect more )

Funny Jackson . The sarcastic humor can be funny , but  don’t  give your mother a heart attack.

One of my NYU friends lives in Los Angeles with his wife and kids. He told me that he has officially stopped saying anything . His son is picking colleges around weather and surf conditions .  Lol

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He could always be a bar-back