Lil Spill

September 22, 2016

“What? A woman called the police because we would not let her seeing eye dog on the bar?” Fucking crazies. Of course Jeff sent me an email. ” This will be in my book along with all the other crazy things. ”

San Antonio had a great night!! I love that on a Wednesday. Trying to get myself back on a schedule. Wales got pushed back yet again. Wales may not even open in 2016. Let’s see. Right now we have Tokyo slated for a soft opening December 1 and grand opening on the 7th. And Fort worth December 28th .

It will be very tricky if Wales opens in December as well.

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The issue was having the dog run up and down the bar. I for one think the right decision was made by management. However, I wouldn't have disclosed the issue in a public forum.


Actually, every blind person has the right to bring their seeing eye dog into any public place. Denying them that right is illegal and you can easily be sued. I think you need to be more accepting of folks with disabilities Lil.


Is San Antonio the most successful Coyote Ugly?


See, the dog was likely a male and we all know the rule about males dancing on the bar.