Lil Spill

September 20, 2016

This happened at the Nashville bar last night . From Lola :

Thank God Big Michael Coleman was the one to walk me to my car after work at Coyote today! We were chatting at me car and all of a sudden some guy pulls out a police batton on another guy who pulls a gun on him! He shoved me in my car, told me to get down and called the police. He stayed right there and kept me safe. I have no words for how greatful I am to him and that no one got hurt. Both people were caught. Apparently one guy felt the other got him fired and was going to retaliate. They both were caught almost immediately due to Big Mike’s quick thinking and attention to detail!


Scary . Thanks big Mike.

An article came out in Franchise Times about Coyote Ugly. Justin described me as ” Crazy Fun but Humble “.i like that !

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