Lil Spill

September 8, 2016

I am channeling Bill Murray’s character from Caddy shack . My across the street neighbors have 4 cars . They park at least 2 of their cars in front of my house leaving me with with finding alternative parking . By the way , they have a garage which they never use . Yesterday  I Snapped ! I waited till they left and the spot directly in front of their house was vacant . I parked my car there . Right smack in front . I told my other neighbors if they don’t move their cars from in front of my house then my car will sit there the whole time I am in Kyrgyzstan ! Mano a Mano .

24 hour trip starting tomorrow to Kyrgyzstan . Bam . And as god as my witness, or Allah, or Jehovah or the universe , I will fit all my clothes into a carry on bag !

Fort Worth opening December 28th!

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