Lil Spill

September 7, 2016

$300 worth of makeup . I am doing a lot of press events in the next few months so I decided to up my normal CVS brand of makeup . So of course I went out yesterday and bought fancy makeup that I do not know how to put on . But the universe answered my prayers  ” Liliana can we set up Hair and Makeup for your press conference in Bishkek. ” Thank you oh Devine universe.  I had to call Dre twice to give me instructions on the spray on foundation . ” wait moisturizer first ? Sunblock last ? Water on what sponge ?”

I got a text from Dahlas this morning . ” ma’am I haven’t finished learning devil on the fiddle ” ugh

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Met u once, while I lived in Charlotte. I went every weekend, worked in clubs for around 10 yrs. I like to just sit back and watch what beer can do to people......myself included. Anyways, was there for the opening of Ugly in Charlotte, was friends with Kat and many there. When I saw u, I said "Damn !! " u give old guys like me (51 now ) something to dream about. Beautiful, intelligent, and a down right freak when u wanna be it seems. I reside in the Tampa area, we have a franchise.....not the same however. I just have to say, great job in ur life, great inspiration to many. Take Care, The Preacher.