Lil Spill

July 29, 2016

” Lil when can you go to Los Angeles?” This is a daily question from Jeff. He wants me to go and meet the authorities about putting Coyote in Hollywood. ” Dude I am traveling every week and we don’t even have a space in Hollywood. ” UGH

So my ex-husband and I own the building that houses Coyote Ugly New Orleans. Daniel suggested we make some of the floors AirbandB units. We put one floor on the site a few days ago and it is booking like hot cakes. My ex-husband is insanely happy. A month ago I promised Daniel and his friends they could stay for 3 days during the Red Dress Run for free. ( he does work hard.) I got a text message from my ex ” ok no more friend and family deals!”

Heading to Boston to Drop Jackson off for classes at Harvard. ( so proud). Then Tuesday I head to Dublin for our annual GM seminar! Very excited.

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G. Lance

Why do you spell Justin's name differently? (Ex: See below heading titled July 26, 2016 spelling is "Justin." See second paragraph below July 12, 2016 spelling is "Juston.") Two different people, perhaps? Just curious.