Lil Spill

July 18, 2016

” Bullshit! Bad Friday because there was a KKK meeting down the street. You are Fucking kidding me? ” Low and behold in Memphis down the street from Coyote Ugly there was a KKK meeting at the Fed Ex Forum stadium.  WTF!  Is this about education? Is it about politics? My god we can invent electric cars, cure to polio, eyelash extensions but we can not cure racism. Shame on us.

On a lighter note : I have an 826 credit rating!!!  I just found this out two days ago. I had a pretty good credit rating 2 years ago.  Miraculously  it went up 75 points. The salesman said ” you must of paid something off or something changed in your financial life. I texted my sister. ” My credit score went up 75 points since mom and dad died.  I think there is a correlation.”  If you could hear a text as a scream it was the one I received from my sister. LILIANA ( But I think there is merit to that thought.)


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So we had a shot called "Snorkel" at your Destin location. Can you tell me the ingredients or how to make it? Thanks!


Lil: It is truly a shame that certain people in this world look at color first and foremost and not to the quality of a persons character. To your credit score, congratulations, anything over 800 is considered excellent. Dave