Lil Spill

January 20, 2016

I am officially a Jack Daniel’s Squire. Hot damn . Thank you Lola for nominating me . I don’t care how cheesy , I am going to go to the Jack Distillery for a coon hunt. No I am not shooting anything . But I am dressing up like they did 100 years ago for a coon hunt and sipping Jack Daniel’s with the other squires!

Yesterday was a good day . Bars doing well , I became a squire, and Jackson is just kicking ass and taking names at school . We watched the gluten free episode of Southpark last night . Of course afterwards I quoted Stan one of the characters ” dude after the science and technology convention you are going to be dripping bitches .” Perhaps not the parenting of Mrs Beaver but it works for us!

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Lil: I have news for you, the distillery is in a dry county - best of luck nipping a little anyway. Dave


You would make a perfect June Cleaver.