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August 20, 2014

New coach video taped me swimming. I thought I looked good. His critique of my swimming was not quite as kind. Half Ironman here I come.



  1. Did your coach say something like “you’re reaching to low in your stroke” and “don’t dwell with your stroke when your hand enters the water”? Or perhaps “once your hand enters the water, immediately start pushing with it down the length of your body. Don’t go deep.” Uh?

  2. Sherri is correct, Lil you should try for a 3 beat in her kick. This will help to regularize it for you. But more importantly, hand brakes the water, drop you elbow slightly, this helps to quickly get your hand square on to the water (as a paddle), then bring hand down the length of your body, at the end of the stroke take your hand smartly out for the return. Repeat on the other side. By the way it is possible to have both hands in the water, one just starting and the other ending.

  3. PS. Your stroke is like a paddle wheel. Very waistfull of of energy. Also “then bring hand down the length of your body,” and roughly parallel to it. Kick more from your hips.

  4. Rodney is correct that you should kick more from your upper leg muscles. The thing I see is a lack of cadence. Your left arm hits the water and stops rather than a continuous motion. Also, both arms appear to be pulling too deep in the water reducing forward thrust and increasing upward thrust. This not only slows the swim but uses a ton of additional energy.

  5. Firstly Frank, “Rodo” is fine however Roderick may be used but only when I’ve been caught doing something really naughty. Secondly, well spotted. Yes Liliana your stroke isn’t equal. Your LH enters without splash and then dwells before starting its stroke. Your RH brings air into the water.
    How to do it. Starting with the hand leaving the water, when you first can, aim your fingers to enter the water surface about 12″ to 14″ in front of your head and just below your head when your arm is fully

  6. extended. Next ‘point 4’ (actually read bend elbow which feels like a slight drop. This power stroke should end a few inches before your mound by flipping your hand straight and up and out of the water. And just to complicate matters the other hand should have entered the water by now. This stroke allowed me to swim 55yds/50m in times under 30secs.

    PS you look really good for no make-up!

  7. Typical male reaction and response – going on size. But I get by with my 18″ PC monitor.
    To Liliana. Do you read this stuff?

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