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August 4, 2014

” Mac the SD staff is awesome. They are 98% great. They need some work on bartending. 1. Taking multiple orders at the same time. 2. Being better at inspiring female customers to dance. But really they are awesome.” Later I said to Chantel ” he heard nothing but the negative . If he was listening at all”. I think he has a huge man crush on Daniel and won’t listen to anyone else. That’s alright, I only started the company and have been in the business 25 years. ” Daniel, use your bromance with Mac to tell him to listen.”
I am still tired from that damn triathlon.
OMG Mac just called and said ” If you told me to take shit and spread it on the wall cause it looks good, I would do that.”


  1. Was at a coyote last night where the gm told me that she doesn’t allow her girls to go out with regulars as it may hurt the brand. Under the fair labor standards act an employer can’t control what an hourly employee does on his or her own time. Perhaps some gm train is in order.

  2. Thanks. I dream sweet dreams often. I was opining on an apparent miss understanding in the law.

  3. Yes Frank, but we all know the law can be an ass, regardless of who’s law or ass it is. But according to how I see and remember it, Jess was a real piece of ass!

  4. Sounds like you are stating that I should pay less attention to the law and more attention to Jess’s ass.

  5. The law is for the enjoyment of lawyers. Jess’s ass make CU enjoyable. That’s why we go there.

  6. Jess was at NY in 2012. About 5’4″ long honey colored wavy hair, a red bra type top (well filled but not overflowing)Denam cutoff shorts, black fishnet stockings. Worked with Erica.

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