Lil Spill

May 17, 2014

Wow wonderful people in my life. Leslie threw a surprise moving away party for me. All the important people in my life were there. Even Jackson kept it a secret for weeks. Axel and all the Kenner Boxing Club kids came. The mom’s that have been my friends here. And of course my 3 rocks, Chantel, Judy, and Leslie. Of course Coyote corporate came but I think they just wanted to go to Bourbon. An absolutely beautiful goodbye.
Well…. then we went to Bourbon Street. I am so thankful right now for the fact that all of us made sure to document Kevin’s swift decline .
To all I was forced to take down pictures. I am sorry

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Danita Coyote Ugly Memphis T.N.

OUR Memphis T.N manager Cassie and Matt (Denver) make a huge success. Cant wait to see what is gonna be next this company holds so many opportunities and LiL and Corporate go above and beyond . I have never seen so much LOVE...and an OWNER who offers so much to so many...amazing THANKS

Danita Coyote Ugly Memphis T.N.

First I would like to say THANKS to LiL and Corporate. Also our Memphis T.N. coyotes and Managers. This is the most amazing company to work for . It is so surreal and awesome. I have personally met LiL and Corporate the best people ever and they OVERY TIP there staff. Amazing. Chantell is an amazing person as well our dance coach thats so damn amazing. I meet the most amazing people everyday and night. Also othere coyotes from all over. This company is like no other. LiL and corporate THANKS WE LOVE YOU>>YOU MAKE THIS POSSIBLE>>>