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Lil Spill

May 16, 2014

Kevin shit faced drunk
Kevin shit faced drunk
I need to start drinking water before Kevin lands and we head out with Leslie, Chantel, and Joe. ” pace yourself” is a motto Kevin does not have. I really want to see The Chris Owens Burlesque show. It’s been a staple in New Orleans for years and I have never gone. Something creepy and awesome about seeing an 80 year old woman doing burlesque. I met her at a function in New Orleans she was actually very nice. She is a mix of the Cat lady who had all the plastic surgery to make herself look like a feline and Elizabeth Taylor in her “I married a construction worker” stage because similar to Liz she also has a boyfriend decades younger walking near her at all times. Well it would be a dream come true if we can get seats.
OK let the games begin.I am trying to remind myself through pictures not to drink as much as Kevin!!!

Kevin and I completely sober in Dubai
Kevin and I completely sober in Dubai
Lee completely drunk
Lee completely drunk
Leslie and I somewhat drunk
Leslie and I somewhat drunk
Leslie and Kevin half way drunk
Leslie and Kevin half way drunk

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  1. My name is William and I live in Hoboken new jersey which is just a train ride away from the great city of nyc and home to the most famous bar in the world. I saw the movie so many times and finally decided to go there personally and see this place for myself. As I walked in I was the first customer of the day and I was greeted by one of the coyote girls. The coyote there was Noel and she was not only beautiful but very sweet and answered every question I asked about the place. She was very entertaining and very sociable and always made sure my drink was filled. Coyote Ugly Saloon in Nyc is the perfect place to go if you want to have a few drinks and also see beautiful women dance on a bar. I highly recommend this place to anyone who loves movie history and drinking and seeing sexy women dancing on a bar. My most favorite part was not just getting to visit and be inside a place with such history but to see coyote Noelle dance on the bar and I even paid to see her do not one but two tidal waves which I enjoyed and recommend to anyone going there to get you will love it and she even ended each one with a split. In closing I just want thank you to the beautiful and sexy coyote I saw by the name of Noelle for making my first time in the coyote ugly saloon a very exciting and happy and enjoyable one. I would also like to say congrats to you as well Lil on 21yrs of making customers happy and on the many years of entertainment that all the coyoties provide and wish you another great twenty of service. Can’t wait to see the place after the remodeling and will definitely be back again and look forward to seeing the other coyoties like anna, Danielle, mesha, kay and of course my favorite noel.

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