Lil Spill

March 28, 2014

After a year, we finally got to start looking through the Tough Mudder videos. Hilarious. Jess is hysterical in her interviews. ( plus she looks really great on camera.) I can’t wait to post some of these. ” Kevin how have you trained for this tough mudder?” ” I eat 3 pizzas a day and 16 marines for breakfast.” Classic
F jello wrestling. Jeff screwed us for our big jello wrestling night in Denver. So today we came up with ways to still make it fun. Damn Jeff. But Lee, Pinky and I have some really great ideas. Good times!
I am totally freaking out about this triathlon. It poured all day today and the lake temperature went down even further. It’s going to be as cold as the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. Fuck, my wetsuit is sleeveless. Other then the Arctic Enema in the Tough Mudders, which last a total of 30 seconds, I have never been in water for such a long swim that’s below 66 degrees. They are predicting 55 degree water temp. My ex-husband said ” fake an injury”. I can’t !!! I signed Chantel up and I sponsored 3 boxers from the Kenner Boxing Club to do the Sprint triathlon. I can’t be the wuss that backs out! Damn

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