Lil Spill

March 28, 2014

Who knew two sets of mediocre genes could create such a smart human? Well my son always impresses me with his intellect. He was accepted into a private school in SD. The school called and seems to really want him. They said he’s in a group they call ” The High Flyers”. Well low and behold the truth about how much he dislikes his current school is coming out and he has asked to go to public school when we move. He is concerned that while in another city it will be the same conservative demographic of kids. We are very lucky to be able to put him in private school. But I see his unhappiness at his current school so I am now leaning toward public when we move. Parenting is never easy.
Sunday is the big olympic distance triathlon. Chantel and I are starting to freak a bit. Last year when we did the Big easy Sprint triathlon in New Orleans , the lake registered at 78 degrees. Yesterday the lake’s water temperature was 58 degrees. OH god I am petrified. Yesterday was lesson in changing a bike tire. Perhaps having the glass of wine while watching wasn’t the brightest idea.
CALENDAR girls all picked!! Bam

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