Lil Spill

December 14, 2013

Every week we all talk about the Denver bar. ” THEY ARE DOING SO WELL. WOW PINKY REALLY HAS THAT BAR RUNNING ON A DIME.” The shit hit the fan last night and I woke to text messages from Daniel about what happened. I don’t even know what the fines will be, but they will be big. I am pissed. And Daniel has gotten my full wrath today.
By the way in light of how F Pissed I am, don’t think I didn’t speak to Daniel about Key West and Milwaukee. I am tired of shit not getting executed properly. I am in my 40s , I do not want to manage the bars anymore. For fuck sake I don’t like staying out past 10! As god as my witness I will not let laziness be tolerated. I am sick of these managers telling me that they worked 80 hours in a week but not getting anything accomplished. Sitting in the front of the house is not all that is in your job requirements. Daniel was first on my list of people I vented on this morning. Kevin was next. Then Tommy. Oh I need calm down before I have a F heart attack!!!!

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