Lil Spill

December 12, 2013

This is the purest love of a child to her mom.
I opened the San Antonio log yesterday to make myself feel better. Low and behold it sucked! That is definitely a sign of the apocalypse because that bar never sucks. OK NY your the steady horse right now, keep it up. ( I hope I didn’t jinx it since I haven’t looked at the logs today.) We are starting to interview graffitti artists for the San Diego site. Full steam ahead.
742 cerdit score! Holla. Getting a new mortgage. I find the process similar to getting multiple root canals . ” Miss Lovell, you need to get a notarized copy from the CEO of why your salary waivers from month to month.” ” Miss Lovell why did you write the letter?” Could it be that 1. I am in the bar business and dividends waiver and 2. I am the CEO! urgh.

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D Bishop

Getting a mortgage is worse than a root canal, at least with a root canal you can partake in a few mind altering substances.