Lil Spill

October 3, 2013

Holla! I better go play lotto things are looking good. I think we nailed the San Diego deal! We booked our trip to Nepal! And I just got a perk at the hotel in La Jolla. My son, myself, and my son’s dad have interviews at a private high school in San Diego. I took an early morning flight while my son and his dad are catching a later flight. At check in they give a complimentary bottle of wine. They asked what kind of wine does my son’s dad drink for when he checks into his room ? I replied ” no he doesn’t drink.” Bam I get his bottle! Not like I am going to drink two bottles of wine but I enjoy knowing I received the perk. ” yeah yeah yeah, I know you don’t drink. You are so much better then me.” That’s my response to my ex husband when he comments on the two bottles of wine.
Jackson is convinced that I will screw up the interview before his dad will. I will try not to curse and keep my answers short. I can’t screw up that badly.

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wish you were opening one up in Oceanside (north of San Diego damn Squids are in San Diego lol) outside the Marine Base would've loved to visit my old haunting grounds