Lil Spill

October 2, 2013

” Lil, I nailed all the negotiation points on that contract I have been working on!” ” Awesome Daniel. Is there a reason why you thought it prudent to call me at 3:20 AM to talk about this? ”
While I am happy that he just saved the company a lot of money, everyone knows I am the loser who goes to bed early. 3 am calls are reserved for fires and emergencies. Come on!!
He did get us this cool pulse feature that I love.
It is a busy day today in Coyote Land! Making miracles happen!
I have Lizzie choreographing a new dance for us. Its not that easy to make changes when we all work in different cities.
Kevin Bailey decided to take training for this Nepal race seriously. This is his answer to training for high elevations.

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Boys are always keen to please their Mum. And maybe get a little bit excited to do so. How many kids did you say you have? I know you’ve got Jackson and Kevin. Is Daniel one two?