Lil Spill

September 21, 2013

” sir , Princess needs to check the picture before you post it.” My friend Leslie calls me Princess because I am supposedly high maintenance . When I go to my bars people will ask to take pictures with me and I can’t stand when I look bad and the picture gets posted on Facebook. Really, is that high maintenance ? Excerpts from last night.
Young guy: ” Lil you are so hot I want to take you home. ”
Leslie ” princess , I think I know his mother .”
Young Guy: ” Lil what are you 33?”
Leslie ” princess , my son is as old as him.”
Me: ” dude he thinks I am 33, I love this guy.”
Hours later on Duvall St.
Leslie ” I want to go to Denny’s
Me: ” princess says NO Fucking Denny’s since you made me give up the young guy.”

Fun night last night. KW bar did well. Loved seeing all the traveling girls. Proud of my bars.

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Hey you need to check on the Memphis Saloon. They are in need of direction before they ruin the Coyote Ugly Saloon name. It is just an FYI. I was there on 8/30/13 and the bartenders were just standing around talking to each other, it took them 10 minutes to serve us and in the 2 hours we were there 2 girls did get up to dance. Both were horrible dancers and need help.