Lil Spill

September 18, 2013

Oh no my phone is ringing again. God the last two days Milwaukee has plagued me. Chantel is there helping the girls with the dances. She has verified alot of my impressions from the last time I was there. Hannah their head bartender is just being overworked. The list goes on. URGH!
I haven’t looked at the logs for two days. I need to get on point. We are having a managers’ seminar in Vegas next month. We are planning a lot of really great learning events. Even I am excited. I enjoy the lectures from outside people. We are always learning in this industry, which is why we are great!
Kevin ” I am better then you at everythig I do”
Me: ” that’s why your fat ass was behind me at the 1/2 marathon
Kevin ” Lil , you know I let you win. I can do a marathon without training after a night drinking.”
This is how our conversations typically go.
Today I recieved my blood panel results
Me: ” Kevin my doctor said that in 20 years he has only seen one patient with better blood work and that was Macky Shilstone”
Kevin: ” who the F is Macky and your doctor was just trying not to hurt your feelings and tell you that you are a fat ass.”
Me. ” I am close to super human. I am so much better then you. Inside and Out.”
Kevin: ” I will wipe the floor with you any day of the week.”
I have realized that the reason Kevin and I are constantly bickering is because we are the most pathetic people on the corporate staff. So while other people are with their spouses, on their boats, or in other ways enjoying themselves on their off time, we add on extra work,travel more for work, exercise more, and compete with each other in almost all facets of our lives.
San Juan is looking good!!!!! Buenos Noches mi Latino Guapo. Hot latin men! ( although from a young age my mother would say ” never date a latin man”. Her Colombian roots make it alright to say. Lol) I plan on saying that a lot when I head down there.
Should Kevin and I do The Manaslu Trail Race in Nepal? San Juan may put that race on hold. Buenas dia mi hombre guapo. ( I will use that one too)

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I can see why you keep Kevin on board. Looking at the logic of his opening statement, it makes you wonder just what is going on in his mind. When he said ”I am better then you at everything I do”. Well yes that stands to reason but surely he meant ”I am better then you at everything you do” (within reason). The first one, one should hope so!


This entry reminds me of a song ‘Anything you can do I can do better’. Liliana try for one little moment you sharing your life with a “yes dear, no dear” man. I’d give it 5 minutes. Now go and take Kevin to Nepal and beat him.