Lil Spill

September 17, 2013

What entitles someone to board early? Traveling with minors or medical assistance . I can’t even count how many times I have seen visually regular people board with no children and no apparent injuries . What is considered medical assistance ? Asthma ? Allergies ? Overweight ? Obviously wheelchairs IE mobility issues . (My flight was delayed so I am cranky and these are my thoughts ).
Connection was in Los Angeles. Pretty people boarding . Yeah pretty stupid. ” Ma’am it’s 95 degrees with 99% humidity perhaps dressing your infant in a Parka that matches your long sleeved tunic isn’t climatologically ( not sure if that’s a word) prudent .
I Blame the nutritionist . Last night at dinner with the potential landlord, Kevin, and myself we spoke for hours on our various nutritionist recommended diets. Kevin and landlord are doing a pretty generic diet. Less starch based carbs, more protein , less fat. Mine is similar but I am not allowed to eat fruits past a certain time of day or anything sugar derived and I need to add fat. ( last week my nutritionist told me to put butter on my steak ). Who the hell knew I ate so many fruits and this is totally fucking up my MMs in my hotel room habit ! Urgh cranky

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Hi Liliana. Aint life fun! 1. “A Parka that matches your long sleeved tunic” 95F & 99% H This is “barmy” not as in weather but stupid. Obviously a mental health problem. LAX is a good place to observe this. And that’s LAX in “did I miss something”, great handle for that airport. 2. If Homoerectus ate it, it OK for you to eat it. Other than cow derived grease on your meat, your diet sounds OK too. A Diabetic’s diet is well balanced. And min of 2 serves of fruit a day and up to 5 is better. Keep knocking back that fruit.