Lil Spill

September 12, 2013

Will’s dad ( New Orleans bouncer) passed away . So sorry.
Thanks to Kevin and Matthew for helping to move my remaining furniture that did not fit into my pod. I am mad at myself for acquiring so much junk.
So last night I made dinner for Jackson and Kevin. ( roasted lamb. It was delicious). Jackson said that he was worried about my interview with a school in San Diego that he is applying to. A few hours later I looked over at Kevin and said ” Isn’t my son so gorgeous.” ” Mom that’s why you are going to screw up the interview !” OK Jackson, I will keep my love for you at bay during the interview and I will try not to curse.” Shouldn’t a mother express verbally their love for their child? Plus Jackson was having a fabulous hair day, can’t I remark on that?”
Managers seminar in Vegas this year!! Holla

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