Lil Spill

September 11, 2013

Twelve years ago I was living in NY watching tv and waiting for a call from Jeff, our Coyote Ugly lawyer, who had his office in the World Trade Center. It was Hours of waiting and calls back and forth from his wife but eventually we found out he was safe. Against the advice of fellow office mates, Jeff walked down 100 flights of stairs to safety right before the towers collapased. He has told me some heart wrentching stories, in fact my son did a report on his experience for school last year. But the one moment of conversation that sticks in my mind is during the call he made to me that day: ” Yeah I am safe. I was trying to walk to the bar and get some drinks but I was herded back to Grand Central.” I will never forget that. Even in tragedy, he was able to make a joke. ( even though I am sure he did want to hit the NY Coyote and get a drink). A sad day but also a triumphant day !

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Thanks for sharing your memory Liliana. Some good did come out of such an horific disaster.