Lil Spill

August 27, 2013

I remember living in NYC having my two german shepherds, Teddy and Ajax. They were like children to me. I would of lived homeless on the street before getting rid of them. I am currently scrambling to find an apartment and I keep forgetting to ask if they allow pets. God damn it. My friend just offered me her gorgeous condo to live, god please allow me to keep the freaking dogs. This weekend Daniel said ” I keep begging my friends to take my two dogs but noone will take them.” I think it’s the traveling. Every week I hustle to find someone to watch them or pay for boarding. I just texted Jackson’s dad. ” I will pay for their food and pay you $100 a week if you keep them.” God damn it!!!

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Liliana I agree. It's hard to understand why some poeple object to pets. Neither pets or kids clean up after themselves. Always want you to get their food. Both make messes. The only real difference between them is that pets don't answer back (as much)!