Lil Spill

August 26, 2013

” If we swam 800 meters in horrific rough conditions, how hard could it be to finish an Olympic distance triathlon?” Yes that was the conversation yesterday after one wine. So low and behold, Chantel, Daniel, myself, and Ben our triathlon coach have now entered the Pumpkinman Mead Lake Olympic Distance Triathlon. We all decided that we definitely did not want to do another ocean swim that could possibly have rough water so this is what we came up with.I want to thank all my friends for going along on my midlife crisis ride with me. Most women are drinking martinis by the gallon and shopping but no, not me. FUCK!
Bodyshots, bodyshots, bodyshots. How about this, sell some fucking drinks and offer good service first. urgh

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Sherri McFadden

Lil, I am a nurse and I am very much for working out, etc. However, running to me is asking for trouble. Do you think all your lady parts should be jiggling and flopping around, taking that abuse? Your insides shouldn't be shaken up either. Just sayin. Sherri from Oregon