Lil Spill

December 7, 2012

Possible outcomes for this evening didn’t seem to pan out. In fact I left the anniversary party to take one of the Memphis girls back to her hotel after she got kicked out of the Nashville bar. In the cab she was hysterical crying. I tried to calm her. After I dropped her off the cab driver started hysterically laughing. ” Really your her boss?” Lol. So we both chuckled the rest of the way home.
Nashville happy anniversary. I hope this doesn’t sound conceited because I know I am usually very hard on myself but I looked good in the corset. ( half an hour to put that thing on) I couldn’t breathe or even tie my shoes but it was well worth it. I got quite a few compliments. I guess the running is working.
Interesting stuff from the psychic
As I am now in my hotel while my staff is still partying. Have fun . ” marsha see you at the spa!”

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