Lil Spill

October 16, 2012

From Daniel : “I’ve been rewearing the only two shirts I have for the last 3 days as they took our laundry but haven’t returned it. I can’t leave my hotel because all of my shit smells and Jean isn’t answering his phone….Awesome”
Lol. I feel his pain. When you work in smokey bars you can’t reuse your clothes. If that’s not bad enough, in Russia and Romania every where you go is smokey not just the bar, hence you are screwed if you didn’t bring enough clothes. This trip , I thought I was smart by packing Febreeze in my suitcase. Lets just say that when I got my bag in Novisibirsk, Siberia all my clothes were soaked. I spent an hour blow drying the essential clothes. Lol
Went out with Chantel for steak . We had such a great time just chatting.
Looking at the Coyote newsletter with Halloween parties at the bars. For the most part, I was very very impressed with all the ads and the creativity . ” NY, Austin, and Memphis. Come on you can’t get a little more creative.” Well hopefully those bars will out ring every other bar and make me eat my words. I love the New Orleans Warrior versus Greeks party.

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