Lil Spill

July 28, 2012

We finally got our building permit in Key West! Bam! Finished the 2013 Coyote Ugly Calendar ! Bam! A lot accomplished this past week. I would like to give my gratitude to all the girls who came to the calendar shoot. We had absolutly NO DRAMA. They were all on time. They were respectful, wonderful young women! This is the first year I didn’t have either Lee or Chantel helping me keep things organized. We got everything accomplished but it is a lot more work by yourself. So universe thank you! What a great experience for everyone!
Me: Hello
13 year old girl: Miss Lil I would like to invite Jackson out.
Me: Well where and when?
13 year old girl: well its for my birthday.
Me: That’s nice. Where would you like to go with Jackson?
13 year old girl: I would like him to be my date to a Cage Fighting event. My dad will be there too.
(Has the world spun off of its axis? My son’s first date will be to a cage fighting event? )
Me: I will get back to you.
What happened to going to the movies? What happened to guys asking girls out? This is nuts! Lol

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