Lil Spill

July 10, 2012

Let the games begin. Only 24 hours of happiness after signing Key West and the tension starts.
Jeff: I hate dealing with the insurance
Daniel: can I take vacation
Kevin: Lil and Lee pick the signage you want
Lee: I like the wings
Lil: I like the plain one
Lee: well Lil, I can tell you from a design prospective why the wings are better
Lil: lee we both knew that we wouldn’t like the same one so your game won’t work on me.
Lil: Kevin grow a set and back me up
Urgh. It’s just a fact that Lee and I don’t envision the decor of Coyote Ugly the same. But I was expecting the fighting to start in about 2 weeks not one day after we took possession of the space.
I am grateful for Miami new GM of Nashville. You rock girl. Set a routine for yourself and know that your bar rocks ! The hard work will be worth it!
Heading to Key West tomorrow

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