Lil Spill

July 9, 2012

Big news! We just signed the lease on a spot in Key West! Hot damn. Opening will ( if forces for good prevail ).be the Wednesday before Labor Day Weekend! Awesome!
I am grateful for Jeff.even on vacation he makes sure to keep his phone and email available so these deals don’t get stalled! Thanks Jeff excellent job over all the years!
I think I owe 2 gratefuls.
I am grateful to Alberto in San Antonio. He’s such a strong AM that I can have Marsha travel to other cities knowing that the bar is running like a well oiled machine under his guard! Thank you
I am grateful for Juan in NY. He has been the porter for 13/15 years. He works just as hard now as he did 15 years ago. I consider him one of the best assets we have at the NY bar. Thank You
Oh and thanks Daniel for calling me 5 times a day everyday on my vacation! I think I may need a do over because you don’t feel like you are one with nature while your hiking and your email and phone keeps ringing. ” I didn’t realize you really were on a mountain hiking”

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