Lil Spill

June 5, 2012

In a couple of weeks , myself and some other corporate Coyote members are going to a seminar called The Happiness Advantage. The goal is to readjust our thinking to become more positive in our actions professionally and personally.
Someone asked me a personal question during my inquiry into enlightenment. ” what are your negatives when it comes to relationships ?” it was like opening up a floodgate.
Number one . I have heard ” I am so low maintenance that I am high maintenance” Number two I have heard ” you toss and turn and don’t sleep long enough” (yes 1 man broke up with me cause it drove him crazy) . I was watching the show Medium tonight and for the first time I realized ” omg the not sleeping well at night is almost breaking up her marriage,” then I read about it in Mens Health magazine. Those are only two of the many flaws I possess. Oh crap let’s hope this happiness stuff works cause my future is looking awfully lonely.
On a positive, loneliness won’t seem so bad if I am making money . Go bars go!

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