Yesterday I was grateful for Chantel. So nice that her and her husband showed up for Jackson’s play. His dad and I have no family here so it was so nice that they came to the play on their date night when Chantel is 2 weeks away from giving birth. Thank You!

Today I am thankful for TK. ( Nashville head of security) I woke up today with his submission for the Coyote calendar. Great way to start a day when you see TK in a sexy pose aspiring to be the first male month. I see him as July with a red white and blue thong.


OKC anniversary party tonight. So sorry I couldn’t make it. I just couldn’t risk missing my sons play! Have fun and take scandalous pictures of Daniel, Lee , and Kevin so I can post them!

Yesterday grateful for Daniel. He’s a very hard worker. Today I am grateful for Jazz New Orleans. She is doing the best job in the whole company with the concierge program! You rock Jazz!
Reading the book “50 shades of Grey.” My first thoughts are”damn it, who has sex that often!” then I think back to my twenties and think” damn it I had sex like that. What the fuck happened? ”

Happiness advantage: for 21 days I will be thanking someone From our bars for their work or something that they have done that is wonderful. In emails thus far I have thanked Tommy for always working above and beyond his job requirements thanks Tommy. Yesterday I thanked Will, who is part of security in New Orleans for making me laugh and keeping me informed.
Today I want to thank Lizzie, GM for Oklahoma. ” Lizzie I know we don’t speak that often but I want you to know how much I admire you for moving up from AM to GM so effortlessly and for making the bar a family. ( a family that produces money every month!) thank you.
We will all go out after my son goes to camp! Holla
After the seminar: Daniel seemed very happy that Kevin tipped over in his kayak within 1 minute of getting into the kayak. Also he was thankful the seminar was over cause while he s happy, his happiness is a direct outcome of his grumpiness to others.
Kevin is happy because he was able to pretend to e interested in the seminar but he could secretly revert back to being a pessimist.
Lee seemed happy because he enjoys learning and it was a beautiful place.
Jeff seemed happy that all these years of his wife doing similar techniques made him an expert on the happiness system
And I was happy that after 14 hours and 3 planes to get home I landed to an incredibly funny email from Will and a call from my son ” pick me up mom”
My gratitude: I am freaking incredibly happy that my AC works!

I won! I got upgraded and Daniel got the back of the plane! Lee, Jeff, Kevin, Daniel and I are going to a weekend seminar called The Happiness Advantage” . Watching Daniel go to the back of the plane was sheer happiness for me!

One of my dear friends and Coyote NY regulars passed away last night. Dale Todd had been fighting cancer for a few years now. I hope he is now at peace. If there is a heaven Dale is playing darts and drinking beer .” And Dale if you can hear me, yes I will let you raise the dart lights just a little.”

Darts at Coyote Ugly New York
RIP Dale!
Dart championship at NY bar 1998
Carlos, Dale, Marshall, Tony, and Tom


Urgent news! Denzel Washington is training at my sons boxing gym. I have to start training there. So what I stink! I need to see Denzel in person . My god he was blessed with some good genes

Last night a fire started at Rio Rio the restaurant next door to Coyote San Antonio. The fire department had to evacuate all of our customers as well as theirs. The fire started in their upstairs bathroom which is adjacent to our office. So scary because Marsha, Tawny and Berto ( I think) were in the office. I am so glad that everyone is safe. I wonder if Someone started the fire. Regardless very scary!
How does my 12 tear old son have a mustache and 3 chin hairs? Really. Pimples facial hair, a new voice. Where’s my little boy?

You never know what form of emotion you will have during PMS. I am definitely suffering right now and the emotion has manifested in a odd fashion. A woman eating a Cinnabon is driving me crazy. Every bite ep, shoveling the food in. I am angry and disgusted. I know that’s not right but it’s how I feel

Prettiest staff Memphis has had in years! They did ” walk this way” better then all the bars! Kudos to Katie! Memphis anniversary party last night. Went out with Mac the GM and his girlfriend Jenn for dinner then headed to the bar. I watched people on the mechanical bull last night. It appears to be going super slow. But they all said it was still hard to stay on. One day when the bar is closed I will ride that bull. I will conquer it!

J: “mom A.. Asked if I am going to the sock hop and I said yes”
J: ” mom she wants her mother to pick me up and drop me off”
L: ” whoa. Ok Jackson are you considering this a date? ”
J: ” no”
J: ” mom she’s asking if I can meet her outside and go in together”
L :” this one is crafty. Again Jackson is this a date?”
J :”no”
L :”then tell her no worries you will just see her inside”
J :”mom, her mom wants to meet you”
L : ” oh boy”

“I feel better now then I ever did when I was younger”. That’s a goddamn lie. Two days at Rot Rally and I am freaking exhausted. I just started the Mediterranean life style . Fresh veggies. A ton of fish. I am marinating everything in fresh herbs. The doctor today told me that she thinks I should go back on the Beyaz birth control . All I hear is negative about this birth control yet a doctor is telling me not to worry about that . What’s the answer?
By the way, the staff was excellent at Rot. Managers worked hard. All very good.

Marsha and Daniel had a bet about which bar would do better this weekend, Austin or Nashville. Daniel rooting for Austin and Marsha rooting for Nashville. The loser has to make a video talking about what a loser they are and the other person is so much better. If they are only using Friday and Saturday numbers, I think Nashville out performed by a mere $500. Daniel was working hid butt off in Austin trying to get people into the bar.

The beauty of packing for a bike rally. Jeans and Tshirts ! No high heels nothing fancy. Easy.
My son got back his scores from the ERB’s ( annual standerized test). The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He scored very high in every category except for Writing Mechanics. Writing mechanics is spelling, when to capitalize letters, and punctuation . If he scored poorly and he is very intelligent I can only imagine I would score even lower. Lol

Nashville and Austin revving up for Fanfare and Rot Rally! Awesome let’s make it happen. I will be in Austin tomorrow night!