Lil Spill

June 26, 2012

Happiness advantage: for 21 days I will be thanking someone From our bars for their work or something that they have done that is wonderful. In emails thus far I have thanked Tommy for always working above and beyond his job requirements thanks Tommy. Yesterday I thanked Will, who is part of security in New Orleans for making me laugh and keeping me informed.
Today I want to thank Lizzie, GM for Oklahoma. ” Lizzie I know we don’t speak that often but I want you to know how much I admire you for moving up from AM to GM so effortlessly and for making the bar a family. ( a family that produces money every month!) thank you.
We will all go out after my son goes to camp! Holla
After the seminar: Daniel seemed very happy that Kevin tipped over in his kayak within 1 minute of getting into the kayak. Also he was thankful the seminar was over cause while he s happy, his happiness is a direct outcome of his grumpiness to others.
Kevin is happy because he was able to pretend to e interested in the seminar but he could secretly revert back to being a pessimist.
Lee seemed happy because he enjoys learning and it was a beautiful place.
Jeff seemed happy that all these years of his wife doing similar techniques made him an expert on the happiness system
And I was happy that after 14 hours and 3 planes to get home I landed to an incredibly funny email from Will and a call from my son ” pick me up mom”
My gratitude: I am freaking incredibly happy that my AC works!

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