Lil Spill

March 1, 2012

Deny women birth control? Unfucking believable! Its nice for these holier then thou republicans to try and manipulate something so important in women’s health care. Without insurance my birth control would cost $340 for 3 months. Regular, hard working women can’t afford that. What about women who have endometriosis, iron deficiency, or simply want to be responsible and not have kids? This is just a disgrace.I have been paying taxes for decades. I can tell you that when I have received my checks that my net amount always stayed the same no matter whether there was a republican president in office or a democrat. So since we already pay taxes regardless of political party influence, why not have your taxes mean something? I would love my country to have nationalized healthcare. Cause guess what? We have been paying for years to get benefits from our country!

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