Lil Spill

November 14, 2011

Still in a Russia. The Moscow anniversary party was a huge success. They did this traditional dance and wore shirts with my picture on it. Funny. The bar was packed all night. All the Russian bars sell one hour worth of smoking a hookah. That’s very popular . But all the smoke in the air is torture. Darina is Moscow’s Erika ( Denver ) always on the mic and she is a seller.
We came to the Kazan bar as well. Wow Kazan is a beautiful city . You can see the Muslim influence in all the architecture . And the women are gorgeous Really unbelievable. It’s been a little crazy here. I am like a rock star to them. Press conference a million pictures. A little overwhelming .
And as the psychic predicted , I am very sick. One journalist asked me if my illness was caused by my career choice. ” look dude you would be sick too if you didn’t sleep and traveled too much. Last night I got to stay in my hotel room and sleep. If you can believe it I feel worse. Definitely need antibiotics. Ok one more day in Russia. Going sightseeing in Kazab today

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