$100 up from Vegas! Jeff and I were at the blackjack table and this very loud women ( riske outfit)barged up to our table. First thing I thought was that i needed to watch my stuff because she might steal something. Later on I found out that she is a hooker that frequents the casinos trying to pick up.
Regardless! Jeff and I had so much fun. Now back In my regular Coyote world.

Lee's Wedding

Holla. Sitting in Vegas. Jackson and I went to Lee’s wedding yesterday. My first ever theme wedding. Quentin Tarantino’s movie True Romance was the theme. Guys were supposed to look like the guys in the movie and girls were supposed to wear teal leopard. ( no one wore teal everyone wore leopard).
Jackson and Lee’s step daughter spoke for hours. Who knows?
Freaking New Orleans killing it today with Kegs and Eggs! Go Saints. ( sitting in las Vegas airport cause Jackson is flying home unaccompanied minor. Watching pre game until they take off)
Memphis freaking awesome night! Nashville rocking it!
Didn’t get Austin numbers yet.
My room in Vegas sucks. You can hear the nightclub all night I am exhausted.

Thank god its a new day. Yesterday was that day you cringe at every new email. Everyone has excuses. Freaking take responsibilities for your actions.
Obviously my attitude has not gotten much better from yesterday so I am going to pull away and get a cup of coffee.
Way to go Austin for having a killer week.
Also Milwaukee much improved happy hour yesterday.

” I get asked for the corporate picture all the time.” really Lee? I mean who are all these people asking for the corporate picture? If Our corporate picture is in such high demand we should start selling it. ( sarcasm).
He looks good in that picture, I don’t . “Great Lee make refrigerator magnets out of it and send it to all your friends .” OMG Urgh

You know when you have an ah hs moment. Jackson got an invitation to play tennis from two little girls in his class. The mom picked them up from school and told me that she was bringing them to her place to get into their tennis dresses. The ah ha moment is ” shit is gym shorts and an AC/DC shirt appropriate tennis wear? Oh well.I am not a country club person this is out of my area.

Nothing like some old school Snoop Dog and Dr Dre in the morning. Ain’t nothin like a g thing. ” we in da club” I love dancing with Jackson in the morning .
Possible licensee. Possible will become probable if they Pay Up. Jeff might need to hone his negotiating skills . He is negotiating a tropical location and they came back with An even higher proposal then their first! Good mood todaay. Let’s make some money.

Leave Cyndy Anthony alone. Poor thing. She can’t psychologically handle anything else. I can only imagine that as Casey’s mom she is unable to process her daughter as a participant in the murder of her grandchild. Her whole life at this point must be a constant questioning ” could I have done more?” ” what did I do to make Casey lie” and on and on. If she needs to believe her granddaughter’s death was an accident then let her. I can’t imagine being in her shoes.

Coyote Ugly Whisky coming out soon. Is it true that people were trying to have a ménage a trios and that triggered the jet fighters landing the plane? I need a mile high date!
Ok Cindy and George Anthony on now

Fighter jets escorted a couple commercial flights to their destinations because a few passengers made frequent and long bathroom trips yesterday. Do you know How much time I spend in the airline bathrooms after the anniversary parties? I remember bartending at the Village Idiot one night. I finished at 5 am then had a 7 am flight to Miami. That was bar none the worst flight of my life. I threw up from takeoff to landing . How embarrassing if fighter jets forced us to land just cause I drank too much the night before .

Really? A guy buys 3 body shots but won’t pay. The cops get called and give him the choice of paying or going to jail. He chooses going to jail. Go figure. Dumbass.
The Memphis log was hysterical ( even though we made very little money) ” I have never managed a night where more credit cards were declined… Hey can you put $5 on one card and $5 on another”

I went the other day to the doctor and I said I wanted to be tested for everything. Well it’s great to see my blood tests. No HIV no Hep A, B, or C . Awesome .

What a game last night. The Saints offense looked incredible unfortunately the defense needs work. Even though we lost I have high hopes for the season. I LOVE football! The new Orleans bar was dead for the game but the strange thing is that the Mexican restaurant down the street was packed

My son is not a car or sports kid. But this morning he said ” mom you have to drop me off at school in the monster truck.” Well unfortunately the cool entrance at school was thwarted by him falling when he had to jump out of the truck .
All the bars did horribly last night! Urgh

I am back on the grid. Nashville is rocking!! I am waiting to see if they will beat SA numbers soon.
Work: Everyone sucks and we are dropping AM’s like its going out of style.
Personal: Steady. Hit Park City this weekend. Jackson is doing very well in school! Thank God.
A lot of traveling coming up. We are getting a booth at a tradeshow in London. That will be fun.
That’s all I’ve got