Nashville is kicking some ass! Very pleased. They are trying to get the number one slot back from San Antonio. Great job.
Went to Pensacola. Trey and I didn’ realize it was gay weekend there. Not that we care.
We were wondering; if two girls are dating and the butchier one is also shorter, do they care?

Jackson today has become obsessed with kidney stones. I told him what they were and that Jeff gets them occassionally. Very painful. Tonight Jackson drank a whole liter of water and I asked if he felt sick. ” no mom, Jeff says to drink water so you don”t get kidney stones” . Jackson you are 11 why are you obsessed with Kidney stones? ” Well Carl from The Ricky Gervais show had them and it was horrible”
Along the way, you realize certain parental mistakes. I think I figured if he worked hard at school and we watched enough documentaries that I could throw in an adult comedy series. Well it doesn’t work that way, unfortunately.

It is a gorgeous day in New Orleans! I am really excited for next weeks Memphis anniversary.
Lee and I have been choosing the pictures for the Coyote 2012 calendar. For most of the pictures we are both right on point but with some we definitely like different looks. I think we have the cover picked out. Bam!

” Jackson make sure you get all the vomit chunks out”
Scene previous to that statement: my son , sitting on the floor while leaning on my bed. He is” facetiming ” his dad. My dog is sitting on my bed right above him. My dog leans over the edge of the bed and pukes right on my sons head . He gasps while his dad gasps watching the puke roll down his head
No this is not a movie it’s real life. Truly one of the funniest things I have ever scene!

I just calked Jeff to reschedule a meeting that was in Vegas on Monday. His response ” thank god cause there is a chicken wing festival on Sunday” . That is hysterical
Best calendar shoot ever except for me almost getting arrested!

I have been going down memory lane. I downloaded all the songs we used to sing when I used to bartend a million years ago. I downloaded bands like Confederate Railroad, David Allen Coe, Joe Diffie, Travis Tritt. I made Jackson listen for hours while I told crazy stories of my old bar tending days.

I had a migraine all day. I just started feeling better. Next week we are shooting the calendar. Very exciting! There is that little girl feeling in everyone that you want to be photogenic and look beautiful in pictures. Man I am the worst. I get really self conscience in front of the camera. Over the years I realize the best models have the most relaxed mouths. If they can loosen their jaws and relax there mouth, they can look gorgeous. Did Cindy Crawford get her eyebrows lifted?

“By the way Lil, you should be getting served with a lawsuit. No worries just sign for it”. This particular case will end up pissing me off cause it is coming from someone we terminated for theft. I have to believe in my heart that somewhere down the road, bad people end up facing bad circumstances!
I have been reading the basics of Buddhism and am going to a class on Monday. The Buddhist way would be to find beauty in the situation and release anger knowing that peace will come. Obviously , I am still a very new Buddhist cause my thoughts are ” fuck that bitch”. Let me do my breathing exercises and see if any of my thoughts change. Lol

The Memphis bar is still doing good numbers even though flooding is rising. I look at the news and there is so much worldwide devastation from weather related events. Even in New Orleans something is strange . I don’t remember so little rain since I moved here.
Jackson is punished presently , urgh. The good news is that I get to watch whatever I want whenever I want! He knows more about Osama Bin Laden and Afganistan than I do cause his dad has forced him to watch news all week. Tonight I read about wine regions from a wine book and tonight he will sit with me while we listen to an audiobook on Buddhism and meditation. If this doesn’t teach him a lesson I don’t know what will!

Definition of a dumbass: person who is boarding at their boss’ house and still oversleeps for an all staff meeting. Yup you can’t make this stupidity up.

Just finished reading the managers logs. Memphis rocked. They crushed everyone.
Funny note that in Denver one of the bartenders sold 5 body shots to a morman man and his 5 wives.
Not one of my bars wrote about the assassination of Bin Laden in their logs . Strange

What an incedible 24 hours. I woke up to a dozen texts messages about the death of Bin Laden. What a great day to be an American. There is a certain strangeness to celebrating the death of a human being but he being a modern day hitler I personally am glad he is dead. My gratitude to our service men and our President!

The devastation in Alabama is horrific. Jackson and I may try and help in some way.
I read blogs about how the royal wedding received so much press when there were so many catastrophes going on. My opinion for what it’s worth is that people want to dream. The royal wedding is an escape into a fairyland. It’s magical to escape and become a dreamer for one day.
Yes I woke up at 345 am to watch the wedding . Everything was beautiful but if I may be so bold, I thought Kate and the majority of the guests didn’t wear enough lip stick.