Lil Spill

June 3, 2010

What a stressful day! Got into it a bit with Jeff. I feel like everyday there is a new issue in Nashville. God I hope Fanfare is good cause since the flood the numbers are at about 50%. Its been an all day plethora of problems!! Late this afternoon I took Jackson and his friend to see Shrek and get sushi. ( which was delicious at Kyoto in New Orleans). I came home to emails from Judith and Lee about images for our September 26th National Hair Charity Event. I had spoken to Lee awhile back wanting to do a cool ad that had good looking short haired women. Well today he sent a picture of this freaky half nude girl. Judith was very kind and said ” Lee I don’t think I can use those pictures to send to the children’s groups.” I agreed but also said ” the girl you picked out is freaky looking anyway.
Really cant anything be easy today? BY the way , my main computer died and I am now using a ten year old laptop cause my son is on my real laptop. When I type there is a delay with every letter. Urgh!!!

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