Lil Spill

May 26, 2010

We hired a new Gm in Denver! I hope he kicks some butt!! That staff has perhaps the best individual girls but to get them to have good attitudes every shift has been difficult . I read in his last managers log that he has already fired someone. Awesome ! Make Denver the powerhouse bar I know it can be.
Today was Jackson’s school play. He had a ton of lines because he was one of three narrators. He narrated in both French and English . After the play Jackson , his friend Nick, and I went to cvs to buy a pair of goggles. There was only 1 pair left and that pair was pink. I said that’s it so you will have to deal with a pink pair. Nick paused for one second and said ” these goggles make me feel like a lesbian” I nearly fell laughing!
Yesterday at Omni Bank in New Orleans I asked if I could exchange my Mexican money for US currency. 3 tellers sat with a calculator trying to figure out how to calculate the exchange rate. I showed them that I downloaded a currency exchange on my phone and the amount I was calculating was roughly $98. Well twenty minutes they made me wait and then told me that they figured the bank fee was $30 so I would only receive $60. HELL NO. I told them I would exchange at the airport. No way in hell is that correct. Really it’s not rocket science

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