Lil Spill

October 29, 2009

I am a fucking idiot!! Supposedly I knew that one of our Denver girls spoke Russian. Today I received a letter from one of the managers saying ” Lindsey is teaching Erika some phrases for the Moscow trip” I didn’t know Lindsey could speak Russian. ” Lil , Nick told you a month ago.” I guess I was so pissed about him fucking up a few checks that I missed that part!!! Now I am trying to see if we can expedite a visa for her!!!
I told my boyfriend that I fucked up and that it was Lindsey that could speak Russian. ( he has met Lindsey) His response ” My god, who the hell is dating her? The girl is drop dead gorgeous. She is in Medical School trying to become a doctor. She can sing and dance. And now she also speaks other languages! The man who dates her better have a lot of confidence!” Agreed

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