Lil Spill

October 29, 2009

Playboy has asked our new girls to audition for the Russian version of Playboy magazine. 30 girls tried out and now 8 girls were picked to go back for a second audition. I got the funniest note from one of the owners of Coyote Ugly Moscow.
“Today 8 of our Coyotes where chosen for the second audition with Russian Playboy. They would like to chose 4-5 girls and make a sexy photo shoot on top of the bar about the new kind of girl – a little crazy, sexy, confident Coyote.
I hope they will behave tomorrow and not ask stupid questions like during the first audition. ” Can I cover my boobs?” ” Can you take a picture of me from behind so you could not see my boobs?” I wanted to kill some of them right there!!! Like they didn’t know where they were going?
I wish you could see their faces when people from Playboy asked them to take all the clothes off except panties. They were in shock:))) ”
That makes me laugh because the owners told the girls exactly what Playboy is and that they did not have to participate. Even though Moscow is a million miles away, girls are the same everywhere!!!
I don’t know if I would ever pose for Playboy. A million years ago when I was beautiful and young I know I definitely would NOT do it. But now that the clock seems to be set on fast forward, I may. Back then my mind would have been focused on people taking me seriously. I wouldn’t want anything standing in the way of being a powerhouse in business and keeping my dignity when it came to my body. Now I think differently. I am a powerful business woman. I have no one to judging me other then myself . And if posing helps me to feel sexy then Screw it I might do it. ( if Jackson gave the OK)
So funny

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