Lil Spill

September 24, 2009

What the hell? The first email of the day is about a lawsuit! As a psychological study I would love to figure out what type of people are drawn to suing people. As an example of what I am talking about: I remember being very young , probably 7 or 8 and going down an escalator in a department store with my mother. My sneaker was caught in the escalator as it moved and I was able to pull my foot out but my sneaker was actually cut into two pieces. If memory serves me my mother looked down at my foot thankful I was fully intact then smacked me lightly across the head and said ” don’t ever put your foot so close to the sides again!” That was it! We walked out. We didn’t even speak to the manager about what had happened. That is only one incident in my life. I have tripped, slipped,fallen in a million stores. I have been served food with hairs. I have been in restaurants with roaches. I have been kicked out of places for not wearing the right clothes. Not hanging out with the right people. The list goes on. Yet I have never even considered filing a lawsuit.
So who are these people who sue? I once had a suit filed against me in which the claim was over 7 years old. The suit claimed a woman slipped in vomit and had suffered severe medical problems for 7 years. The insurance company called me. I looked back in my records and I happened to be the bartender on duty that evening and guaranteed the company that she had fabricated the story. They didn’t even care. They weighed the options by whether it would cost them more to settle or fight them. I was never called again by the insurance company so I do not know what happened to end that claim. What about this scenario? How can a man break into another person’s house with the intent of robbing them , then the family dog attacks them to save and protect the family. The police come arrest the intruder and a few months later the perpetrator sues the family for getting bitten by the dog and wins! I am dumbfounded by this yet intrigued by these people. Is it laziness? Do they see a quick return on their money by suing? Or is it a meanness, the ” I hate the world so I am going to fight everyone type of person?
I read this today and it fits the situation perfectly ” just another moth to the flame.”

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