Lil Spill

August 27, 2009

Yesterday we took the managers to a confidence training course. Freaking funny. It was at a military base. We had to scale walls, hop walls, balance on logs, and swing from a rope to land over a wall. Some of our male managers seemed a bit worried due to their non jenny craig diets. I leaned over to Lee and said ” is it weird that all the corporate staff is in the best shape even though these managers are 10 years younger. he look of fear on some of these people’s faces was priceless. Next year we decided on paintball. That will be so much fun. Overall I thought the seminar was informative and it was a good morale booster for the various bars!
Today we did our corporate picture. The idea was to be playing poker in a italian/gangster style era dress. The players : Lee, Daniel, Jeff, Kevin, Chantel, Jacqui, and myself. All the women got their hair and makeup professionally done. The men wore suits and hats. At first things went very well . Everyone was having fun with the shoot. Then I think all of the girls either straight out cried or welled up with tears because none of us were happy with how we looked. At one point Lee came over to me like a deer in headlights ” I’m sorry I don’t know what to do. You guys seem so upset” . All I could say was two things. 1. In our jobs we spend the whole year promoting the coyotes. It’s always about how good the girls look. How to dress them . How to make them the best they can be. Only once a year is it about us. We want to look the prettiest we can look too even if it is just for that day. The bottom line is we are all women and two of us had our periods.
On a good note , the guys looked awesome and my pledge is that next year I will get drunk and have fun. Fuck it!!!!

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