What a dumbass I am. Daniel and I took the San Antonio managers to lunch. At the end of lunch I was returning an email on my phone and caught the tail end of their conversation which was marsha saying ” my goal is 20″ I then said ” oh 20 lbs?” ” no lil 20 grand” Daniel shot me the look that said ” oh my god you are a dumbass.” thank god marsha is cool she started laughing! San Antonio anniversary today

Today I am flying Southwest Airlines. If anyone has flown Southwest they know that there is no assigned seating. While I was boarding the plane I noticed an aisle seat relatively close to the front which people kept on passing by. I immediately grabbed it and noticed the window seat was occupied by an elderly nun whose appearance mirrored a half Asian mother Theresa . It shocked me that people were avoiding her like the plaque! I quickly made friends with her knowing that I was establishing a quickpass through the gates of heaven if we took a dive. Score!!!

I finally went through all my logs from last week. The bars Rocked last week! I love when I open the logs and one after another is incredible. I opened the Denver log from Sunday night and couldn’t believe it was not Saturday night’s log!!
That makes me so happy. Lauderdale started a new promotion which involves customers paying to play pool against one of the girls. I am not sure this promotion is going to work. If it’s busy how is one of the girls going to make their drink and play pool. We will have to see how this one goes!
Off to San Antonio for the anniversary. Hot damn!!!

I had the most scarey experience of my life yesterday. Jackson and I went white water rafting down the Gallitin River in Montana. The first part was slow but fun. Jackson was excited. There is an area called the mad mile where it is rough rapids. We were doing fing but all of a sudden we hit a rock and the boat tipped over. Immediately my body was rushing down the river. I couldn’t find Jackson I didn’t know what was going on because I was crashing forward . Finally I was rescued by another boat . When I got on I asked if Jackson was alright and they said yes. I was so relieved. When I finally saw my original boat Jackson had a smile on his face from ear to ear. When I reboarded my boat I found out that the guide grabbed Jackson immediately so he only spent less then a minute in the water. Jackson was so excited , it was the greatest adventure of his life. At this point we still had half the river left to raft. It actually started hailing and raining. The whole experienec was very scarey. I was so afraid that I couldn’t save Jackson. I was emotional the rest of the night.