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Saturday, July 30, 2005

I heard a very funny line today that I believe to be absolutly true. ” I don’t have to go to Meterology School to know the fucking weather forecast in New Orleans. It’s 98 degrees with a 100 % chance of scattered thunder storms. ” No doubt that forecast would be right 90 % of the time. I hate this weather, it just makes me feel lazy, tired and cranky. I’ve got to get the hell out of here.
Daniel from Austin and I placed a little bet during the San Antonio anniversary party. Robin and Katie ( Coyotes from Austin)were hanging out with Jacqui and myself Thursday night. Daniel said I bet you they either call in sick or come to work exhausted tomorrow night. I said I bet they won’t. Well I asked the results. He said that Robin was great but Katie kept complaining of cramps. He must of been badgering her about drinking at the party because finally she said ( this is gross everyone) ” Do you want me to show you my bloody tampon to prove it”. Well on that note I think we can call our bet a draw.

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Friday, July 29, 2005

The anniversary party was so much fun. The girls were excellent and it was fun because some staff from Denver and Austin came in , so we all had a great time.
The San Antonio girls made me cry with joy yesterday. They had us all come in at 5 pm. They had personalized presents for Jacqui, Kevin, Lee and myself. They gave me a beautiful jacket with my name and San Antonio embroidered on it. They also personalized boybeater shirts for all the girls including Jacqui, Kelly, Jenn H, and myself. Everyone’s had there own personal saying on it. The last gift was very humourous it was a bottle of crown and the bag that it came in Had ” Don’t just get Drunk Get Ugly on it.
” I can’t tell you girls how very touched I was to get such special gifts. I will treasure them forever.”
Congrats to the whole staff at San Antonio. 1 year down and 100 to go!

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Some shit happened with the Denver bar this weekend. Well last night I spent the night speaking to a few people involved etc. As far as this particular situation, I’m looking into it. What really disturbed me was a reference a few of the people made about a barback that we have there. ( To be completely clear , the barback was not involved in the incident that transpired). But as these people were telling their individual stories about their experiences at the bar , the same name kept coming up. The name happened to be of a barback. And this barback is addressing the girls as a superior. He orders them around while they are working and has ( obviously successfully) created a presence for himself as a manager. Kudos to him that he has successfully intimidated these Coyote Girls. But as all good things in life, this will now end. He was not hired as a manager by me and does not have the authority to undermine the girls or the other managers.
Let’s move on. Tonight is the San Antonio 1 year anniversary. The girls have been practising so hard. I’m really proud of them. There WAS a new girl who showed up late yesterday and today. I couldn’t allow her to belittle the hard work of the other girls, so I let her go. It saddens me when not only do some people not respect and honor their jobs but they don’t back up their co workers and friends. On the good note, really proud of these girls and tonight will be awesome.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Said hello to the Austin girls yesterday, they are so cute. Really nice girls. Now I’m in San Antonio and the girls here are so nice too. ( PMS) It makes me so happy and teary eyed when I see how hard the girls work and how much they love their respective bars.
I’m very excited about the 1 year anniversary tomorrow. A few Austin girls are coming down so it should be fun.
Heath came in the office today ” Lil can you please tell the girls to stop eating so many hamburgers and shit after their shift?” Nothing puts on weight quicker then the 4 am fast food run.
All I got.

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Slammed my finger in the car door. That was quite fun. My computer is back up and running, so I’m happy about that. Kevin is coming into New Orleans tonight to help with some handywork at the bar.
I’ll be down at the New Orleans bar tonight. A few regulars fixed the AC ( for free). They said since it was the place they hung out , they needed for the ac to work properly, so it really was more for them then for us. I don’t care what the reasons, all I can say is thanks and Halleluah ( No idea how to spell that).
A few hickups with the florida projects. Nothing unfixable but unfortunately we will probably have to wait a few extra weeks before opening.
Marshall went on a vacation. As a surprise I got intouch with the manager of his hotel and told him to give Marshall a complimentary dinner for two, spare no expense. I just got the bill. $34. So I had Candice call and ask if they had impressed upon Marshall that it could be whatever he wanted. They claim they did, but that was all he spent. OK that’s cool with me.
That’s all I got!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hot tip from Tara in New Orleans ” Use a sharpie pen as eyeliner, will never smudge or wear off.” I was extremely skeptical about this but she said she learned the trick from someone who did makeup on film sets. The problem while working at these bars is you ” sweat”. It sucks having mascara and eyeliner running down your face because you just did a dance number , and can’t help but perspire. I asked her if it was permenant . And she said she applies it before her shift and is able to wash it off when she gets home. Ok so that’s the Coyote tip of the day.
My brand new computer just crashed, I’m very worried something is terribly wrong. I just got it a little over a month ago and spent a lot of money on it. I will be very upset if someone can’t fix it.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Finally a sex tape worth viewing. Supposedly there is a tape of Collin Farrel out there. I’ll have to keep my eye out for it.
I felt the bartenders class in New Orleans went very well. There are quite a few new girls and it was like a breathe of fresh air to see the girls excited. I’m sure they thought I was hard on them but I just don’t want them to pick up the bad habbits of the old girls. There is one girl, Michelle, who is a fantastic dancer. All in all I left feeling pleased that we are not so short handed and that we got rid of a few bad eggs. I told the girls that I knew it was a hard job and that we expect a lot from them. But in 10 years hopefully they will look back and say “that was the best job of my life”. Personally, I still keep in touch with a few girls from the early years of Coyote. They may be married, with kids, or just off somewhere else but they always talk about Coyote with such fondness.
Next week San Antonio 1 year anniversary. Jacqui and I already have a plan to simply have fun and drink.

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Tomorrow there is a mandatory bartending class in New Orleans. A lot of new girls. I always like when there are some new girls it tends to kick the older girls in the butt.
Jacqui and i were laughing so hard today. She is going down to both Austin and san Antonio to throw two two day classes for each bar. They will vbe mandatory dance classes. Well Kelly and Heath were concerned that the girls will be tired for the anniversary party. Jacqui and I were roaring laughing. My god, most of these girls are 23 years old. At 23 years old , the only time you are tired is when you work 5 nights in a row and after every night you go home to your boyfriend’s apartment and have sex for 2 hours. So I’m not too concerned about their physical well being. Those San Antonio girls are troopers they’ll make it.
Calendar is proving to be anotherfull time job.
Big photo shoot in Denver today, I hope it went well.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

From Jenn Hawk, SA manager. Response to negative e-mail:
I really thought about what happened on that day. I wish that customers that have a complaint would ask for a manager at the time so we could help them.
On that note the girls have to have a manager to do a return or exchange. No one came in that day and exchanged a shirt or even complained. Had they I would have been more than happy to try and rectify the situation. Marsha doesn’t work on the weekends and Summer didn’t work until that night. Roni, Jenny Y.& Karen were the bartenders that day and I am a Brunette now so I don’t know who would be the blonde this man was describing.

So I will back the girls. Perhaps the gentleman was not correct on the day or he simply exagerated the story . On another note : No food during shift.
On my way to the New Orleans bar

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Friday, July 15, 2005

I think it is hip wadders. Dumb waiters are little movable storage units that go from the lower floor to the top floor. Sorry my fishermens lingo is not accurate.

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I just got a very disturbing letter about the San Antonio bar. This couple went into the bar during the day to buy a few t-shirts. The letter described in detail the poor service that they confronted when entering the bar. ” The bartender had to PRY herself from her lunch”. That pisses me off to no end. No fucking food on your shift . And it took them asking three girls before someone would actually help them. Get off your fat ( only an expression) asses and sell something. whether it be a t-shirt , a drink, whatever. SELL SOMETHING! THAT”S WHAT YOU WERE TRAINED TO DO!
Now on the other side. I will wait to hear an explanation from the San Antonio girls. Always want to be fair.
I actually dreamed about the calendar last night. I have been looking at endless amounts of clothing and accessories on line. Do you know if you type in camouflage pants there is a link to girls wearing dumb ( maybe hip wadders) wadders while in bikinis? That was pretty funny. The whole calendar is girls fishing in wadders and bikinis ( butt showing).

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

For the last few weeks Jackson has been talking about saving the sharks and the whales from illegal fishing practices. Tonight we watched ” Free Willy 3″. I thought it would be educational for him to learn about the real whale ” Keiko”. Keiko was the real whale that played Willy in the movies. This may have backfired because I did not know that Keiko had died. The only positive thing was reading about his relocation from cramped aquarium life into the wild. His final time was spent in the waters of Iceland where he was monitored by experts and able to come and go at his own will.
I hope his last few years were beautiful and free.

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Back at work today. A lot going on. Candice just secured an apartment in Ft. Lauderdale so we are ready to roll there. I am bracing myself for some conclusions about the Cancun deal. Jeff, always creating more appointments for me. The calendar is a fun little project that I am excited about starting. And the most fun, I am doing bookkeeping today. Yuck, but has to be done.
Kim, NY AM, is back from Rio. She said she had a great trip. This was the first time she has ever left the country. I’m glad I got to be part of her first stamp in her passport. Happy honeymoon!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lost my cell phone charger. For some weird reason my computer isn’t charging, so every minute I’m expending the battery life. So on and so forth , that was my day. But the greatest moment today was when Jackson was so excited that he jumped up and hit me directly in the nose. Unfortunately this happens once a week with him but I was at Sea World and I think the nose bleed that followed freaked people out. I swear I think he keeps rebreaking my nose. He doesn’t mean it. He gets really excited and he doesn’t evaluate his space and yours. But today my teeth actually ached after the blow.
I have no good bar stories today. I have consciously not opened any of my e-mails from the bars and I have not answered phone calls from the various managers, because frankly I don’t want to hear the same shit.
I’ll be back in the thick of things on Friday. The one thing that made me laugh today was looking at Jeff Myers prom picture on the web site. 20 + years ago. It’s the small things in life that make me smile.

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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Bodyshot war continue. Tampa with record 127 bodyshots! Let’s break it down, 8 girls 10 hours. 1.5 bodyshots per girl per hour.
1. Tampa 127 10 hours 8 girls
2. San Antonio 115 7 hours 6 girls ( I think)
3. NY 103 8 hours 3 girls

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Ordered Milk and tea last night at 9 pm, I’m still waiting for it over 12 hours later.
The Cancun landlords are trying to bully us with some absolutly ridiculous lease provisions. I told Jeff not to back down even if we lose the deal. Jeff has learned quite a bit about opening a business in Mexico. It actually is quite interesting. As an american I forget that Mexico is actually a socialist country.
We sent a scout down to El Salvador. He was quite impressed , so we are pursueing our options there.
The Calendar:
1. The pictures I posted are not the calendar pictures, just the pictures that were submitted to me.
2. I have received many letters about how I should have picked “so and so” not “so and so”. There are many beautiful girls who work at the various Coyote Uglies. Some did not want to participate or their managers did not submit their pictures.
3. Las Vegas: The owners did not submit 1 picture of any of their girls. Obviously you see how much they care if you look at the lack of attention they put into their page on my website. I think that page hasn’t been upgraded in 3 1/2 years. Next year I will allow the girls to submit pictures without going through their managers so that the franchised bars can participate equally.
On a positive note I can’t wait for the calendar shoot

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Friday, July 08, 2005

My insomnia is at a record high this week. What a week. I lost power for 36 hours in New Orleans. My house was close to 100 degrees by the second day. I decided to take Jackson and go to another city for the week. Well it took the ticket counter woman 45 minutes to figure out how to print our boarding passes. We then proceed to the gate. When they call our numbers to board the plane, they pull us to the side for an extra security check. They actually padded Jackson down. We finally land and they lost one of our bags. I rented a car but after waiting in line for 45 minutes, we just took a cab. Then we get to the hotel, that I paid a lot of money for, and our view is a parking lot when I specifically paid for an ocean view. The manager says it isn’t their problem because I used We then order room service it takes an hour and a half to get to the room because they dropped the order. This morning I asked for the mini bar key so I can get Jackson some juice, well that was a half hour ago and still no key. My anger is reaching the boiling point. MY REVIEW: NEVER GO TO HOTEL DEL CORONADO
But on a positive note, I love my wonderful son. He was such a trooper. He got to our room last night and sat on the balcony over looking the parking lot and street and said ” momma we have a view of the whole world.” He actually wanted to eat dinner on the balcony so he could watch all the cars go by. He is such a happy boy, I’m so blessed.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I think I finally made a decision about the top 12 girls. I will post them later on today. This was very difficult . I feel bad because there are one franchise who didn’t enter anyone. I know the owners dislike me but it’s sad for the girls because had they made it, it could of been something great on their resumes. Next year I’ll allow the franchised employees to just send the pictures to me and bypass their managers.
Nashville had a killer night last night!! I just got off the phone with Jeff M. . After our business talk I said to him ” I haven’t had my coffee yet, I have nothing to say to you.” His response ” I have nothing to say to you either. Talk tomorrow” He told me the bar was just filled with rednecks yesterday ( I love rednecks). He said ” you know they’re rednecks when the first two orders of the day are Old Milwaukie’s Best Lite and Stroes ( can’t spell)” Well we don’t serve either of these fine beers.
A friend of mine used to own a bar in Colorodo . He would have a ” Bad beers of the world Night.” I always wanted to do that. I think I will.

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Friday, July 01, 2005

I have received so many great entries for the Calendar. I have looked at the pictures over and over, It’s so hard.

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