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Friday, April 29, 2005

Pretty fucked up day. When it rains it pours. I had to file an extention on my taxes so I’m trying to get everything together but there is so much it’s so daunting. Kevin said something to me today about the corporatization of the company. I said to him that I didn’t want to become so corporate that I didn’t enjoy my business. His response ” Don’t hate the player. hate the game”
So I end Friday with a smile supplied by kevin bailey.

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

I went to NY for 2 days. I feel bad because I didn’t go to the bar but I just needed a couple days off. Jacqui and I went shopping for two days and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. ( Not good for my bank account). New Orleans is nice but I get homesick sometimes and I have to go back to NY to recharge my batteries.
The story: I landed in LaGuardia airport. I got off my plane and then waited in line for the restroom. When I got to the top of the line a young woman exited a stall. She left her bag in the middle of the thorougfare and started to wash her hands. Her bag was obstructing all the traffic in and out of the stalls. I said to her ” excuse me” looking at her and the bag. She didn’t even attempt to move her bag. I said nicely again ” excuse me”. She didn’t even look up. Finally, I said ” move your fucking bag!”. She then did it but with such a sour puss on her face. The denoument ( realization) of the situation is this; 3 years ago when I was living in NY I would of been pissed off right away at the woman and her bag. Living in the south has calmed me a bit. I was actually nice and pleasant before I got angry. That is a big step for me.
Kyle is helping out in New Orleans until we find a new AM. Lee is acting GM in Denver until we find an AM there. And Heath is going to move and help the San Antonio bar for awhile. A lot of upheaval this week. But on a good note all the bars are doing great!! Numbers are way up. ( knock on wood).

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Dear Lil.
How can I ever Thank You for all the incredible concern, care, help and generosity shown and given to me during such a tragic time? The fire took so much from me and my kids. I was terrified, and then thankful at the same time. The fire was so horrible. I watched everything owned disappear in a matter of minutes. As a single parent it scared me in so many ways. I did lose baby pictures, and sentimental
possessions and I cried. Thank God I did not lose my priceless possessions, my children, my life. Everything else could be replaced eventually though I did not know how I could ever possibly do it alone, as things do not come easily to a mom with three kids.
I had only begun working for you in December. I was so happy to have met and made friends with hearts so unbelievably warm. Who would’ve imagined one minute you have accomplished becoming a Coyote. I was so happy to be included in the opportunity to introduce Coyote Ugly to Nashville. I was walking on air. Then in the blink of an eye, I and my children were homeless. That reality will certainly knock you off your cloud and to your knees.
Well, I need to tell you that I wasn’t there long. Lil, you and all the Coyotes ,staff ,friends, and people I’ve never met came so quickly. You all lifted me off my knees so fast. The awesome out pouring of gifts, clothes, money,hugs,prayers , tears and love. I can not even begin to express how much I appreciate and love each and every one of you who seemed like angels with arms like wings and hearts of gold. You have lifted me back up on my feet and restored my faith in a world where sometimes it’s hard to realize the good.
Like I said, I don’t have the words to express how awesome all of you are . I just want to tell each one of you “Thank You”. And in light of all that has been done to help me it seems these two words are just not enough. Please know that I am deeply thankful, and appreciative, and I love all of you. My Friends @ all the Coyote Ugly’s who rushed in to help, and Friends I have yet to meet who after reading your “Lils Spill” were so generous. Thank You All and May God Bless You !, Love,

Nashville Coyote, Wendy Wentz, “Thank You Again”.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

From a happy customer:
“Was at the Denver club last night. It was my third visit since it opened in March. Each time, it just seemed to get better and better. Tara from New Orleans really showed what someone with a lot of energy can do in that place. Your Denver Coyotes also have shown that they possess the energy to project toward the customers. My friend and I were there for four hours and closed the place down. Great music, good drink prices, no cover. Then we see a Golden Tee Live machine. Now we are already planning on coming back some afternoon and stay all night except for leaving for food. No other club in Denver has made us feel like that we HAVE to go back as soon as possible. Thank you for bringing excitement and fun back to the Denver scene. “
I was going to post the most disgusting e-mail from the Nashville GM but I just don’t have the heart to do it. Why do men have to tell everyone about their BMs?
All the bars did well this weekend!!

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

I just got off the phone with an old, dear friend Molly. Molly went to Cooper Union and we met at a bar that I bartended at. While she was getting her masters in engineering she actually worked for me at the NY bar. She was one of my best friends and I had to fire her because she would drink too much at work. I will never forget a night where I had to go to a formal event with my then boyfriend. This event was at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel commemorating Italian Americans. My boyfriend at the time was getting his degree in architecture and working with a construction company. As you can imagine this particular field is dominated by italian american New Yorkers, so his boss told us we had to go to this event to meet contacts and schmooze people. I actually remember watching someone kiss someone’s ring just like “Good Fellows”. Well after the event his boss and dates wanted to go back to the bar. I actually tried to convince them not to because I had a bad feeling about the evening. They wanted to go and that was it! So I had to take them to the bar and Molly was working with another girl ( I can’t remember who). When she started to come over to take our order, she tripped on the floor mat and dove head first onto the floor. Bar mat’s traditionally have a pattern that consist of hundreds of circlular holes. When she got up from the floor she was covered from head to toe with black circles from the mats. That night I ended up having to bartend in an evening gown to cover her. I think that was her last shift. I was mortified that night but now I think back on it as something so hysterical. To this day I consider Molly one of my closest friends.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

I’ve been super depressed lately and nothing seems to be bringing me out of it. Yesterday I was on the phone with Jacqui and I told her, in passing, about a pair of shoes that I was eyeing. How nice is she? She went out and bought the shoes for me. I can’t wait to get them. If that doesn’t get me out of the doldrums I don’t know what will!!!
I was walkig down the street yesterday and this girl, I think she was a student at Tulane, was running down the street in nothing but a towel. She was chasing her dog and I couldn’t help thinking 2 things. 1. How funny would it be if her towel fell off and 2. Does she love the dog enough that if her towel fell off she would keep chasing the dog? Well the towel stayed on and she caught the dog so the story pretty much ends there.
Lee called me from Denver last night and I could hear the hail hitting the car windshield. As pretty as Colorodo is I don’t think I could live there. JeffM. has been sending me very good reports about the girls in Denver. Tara gets there today, I hope she gives them a little help.
New Girl in Austin I keep hearing about Isrell. I haven’t met her yet but I’m glad she’s doing well.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Something is going on today. I have received about 20 e-mails just this morning about how much people love the New Orleans bar. It’s nice to hear.

Comments: Hi Lil!!! I contacted you weeks ago before my wife Therese and I were going to make yet another trip to New Orleans, to find out if Wendy, among others, was still at the bar. You were gracious enough to respond back. Anyway, sadly, we just arrived back home(we live halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee), and as I said before; we’ve been to three of your clubs, and New Orleans is the best by far. We stopped in every afternoon and late evening, and we are not at all typically bar or club folks. On the first day in, Chantel, Wendy,and Tara ( Old) excitedly welcomed us back like they always have(this is about our sixth trip since the club opened). They are sweethearts, every one of them.Chantell and Wendy were going used boot shopping, and asked my wife Therese what size she wore, as we had been looking for a pair for her to wear when she tends bar back in Kenosha, Wisconsin,(We are both firefighters, and Therese also works for a cardiologist, besides the bartending). Somewhere they came up with an awesome pair of preowned size six red white and blue boots. I swear, I think they are now Therese’s prized posession, because she loves the girls and was touched by their consideration. We were also very impressed with Sara(boundless enthusiasm), Sara, Ashley(a huge kick), Jennifer(always smiling), and all the rest. What an absolutely great bunch of folks! Poor Wendy put in over twelve hours Saturday. She was supposed to get off at 8, but the bar was packed, and there was a new girl there, and even near midnight she was ripping out the dances with unbelievable strength(although if you watched her closely , it was pure adrenalin those last couple of hours) and she had to be back the next morning!

We dreaded Sunday. It sounds weird, I know, but it was very tough to say good bye. Since Coyote has opened, we spend less time at other places, and more time there. Not because it’s “a bar”, there’s tons of bars. But because everybody seems to love what they do, they treat everybody well, and they make you want to stay because it just isn’t as much fun anywhere else in town. We miss everyone already, especially Chantel, Wendy, and Tara. You have a great group of people, and it may seem like an odd statement, but we feel like they are our “New Orleans” family.

This is just one of many letters I got today about the New Orleans bar. I’m knocking on wood and crossing my fingers right now!
SAN ANTONIO is KICKING BUTT!!! I’m so happy. Keep up the good work!!!!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Denver girls have been wronged. There was a reporter in the bar on opening night. What a prick. He kept trying to come behind the bar . Lee and I kept telling him he could not. During this time he kept repeating to Lee that he would write something nasty about us if we did not agree to let him behind the bar. Well we didn’t agree and he was true to his word, he wrote something nasty about us. We actually found out that this has been a little game he plays with many new bars and clubs. My response ” Fuck You”. Today I got quite a few really good reports on Denver. Even my lawyer in New Orleans went to the bar and came back with a shining review. He particularly liked Shama the dance captain. I’m sending Tara from New Orleans to Denver to try and give the girls a little ” umf”. They are getting there. ” Don’t lose hope girls, ” if it was easy everyone would be doing it!”.

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

I get a managers log a few days ago from Daniel in austin. It seems that Jenna Bush was drinking at a bar on 6th st, down the street from the Coyote in Austin. Well someone found a suitcase and couldn’t identify the owner, so they closed down part of the street and had the bomb squad down to check it out. I don’t want to sound uncaring. I know they have to protect the president’s daughter but it fucking killed business!!
Denver, where to start. We laid off the GM so back to the drawing board! I got this scathing letter from someone about how unattractive the Denver girls are. Lee and I were dumbfounded. There are some unbelievable hot girls on our denver crew. In a few months we’ll have our professional pictures done, so everyone can judge for themselves. I just went out to Denver and the girls still need work but they are coming along. There are some very strong bartenders and some very strong dancers. Now I need to make real entertainers out of a few of them. That’s really what they are lacking. But it will come. I’m thinking of sending one of my New Orleans girls out there to try and help them, unfortunately I think the head she’ll come back with will truly annoy her fellow bartenders back home.

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Friday, April 15, 2005

San Antonio bounces back with 115 bodyshots. The debate: San Antonio had 5 girls working last night. NY only had 3 girls working the other night when they did 102. But the NY bar shift is 8 hours long whereas the San Antonio bar shift is 7 hours long. If you do the math each NY girl did 4.2 bodyshots per hour whereas the San Antonio girls only did 3.2 bodyshots per hour. I have no idea if I did the math right , it’s only been 100 years since I took math in College. Well regardless I’m very proud of all the girls for trying. Jacqui had a valid point she was concerned that the girls are paying so much attention in selling bodyshots that they are not serving the drinks quickly. I’ll have to ask some of the customers.
I got a funny manager’s log from Kyle last night. He said as per usual Spike was late but he also talked about a girl calling in sick only 45 minutes before her shift. He said ” they don’t give you much warning down here.” 3 years ago ( pre New Orleans bar) I would of said ” that’s bullshit, you put us in a very bad position only giving us 45 minutes before the shift starts to find someone else.” now my response. ” at least she called” ( but I’m not happy )

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Add this to my previous LilSpill, from Denver :
“The girls this evening looked like hell. Had zero energy, didn’t do the dances well, I almost had to get a gun and shoot at their feet to get them to dance. Didn’t focus on the customers AT ALL. We’ve had a couple of gentlemen that drive 2.5 hours from montana to hang out at coyote ugly, everyday since Friday mind you, and wanted to know who died. People also complaining in the restrooms about the lack of energy by the girlsThis group will never work together again.”

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The Denver girls are already pulling shit. I heard from Kevin B. yesterday that not a day has gone by without someone calling in saying their car broke down, they feel sick, or some bullshit to get out of work . God I hate that!! In my day you would have to be running a 104 temperature and not be able to stand to take off work. Not because you had a horrible boss but because you wanted to work and make money so you could support your life. I wonder if this is part of the overnurture syndrome that is going on. People live with their parents until they are in their 30’s. There is no real consequences for being late on rent, paying your bills etc. Most of these girls have kids and expect their parents to help raise them. My son has a completely different life then I did. I know I overnurture too. But as god as my witness he will not be living with me or his dad when he is in his 20’s ( 30’s just kill me). I want my son to forge his own path in life. I want him to know how it is to earn a living, have things because he paid for them with his own hard earn dollars, to feel the pride of accomplishing something all by himself. ( cross my fingers)
I was disappointed in last nights nashville numbers. There was a special party there and I expected better. Heath, AM, wrote that he felt the girls’ energy just dropped during the night and they lost people. So we all lost money!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I’m about to turn down a project. Jeff doesn’t understand why I want to turn it down if the landlords are paying for everything . My response is that this particular location is in bumfuck nowhere. The amount of work that will have to go into marketing to try ( TRY) and make our store a destination spot is just too daunting right now.
I received a very negative e-mail from the AM in Austin about the girls attitudes last night. It really is so annoying for these girls to bitch about working , whom they are working with, and how many girls are working! Just go to work and make it the best night you can for both the customers and yourself. It’s amazing how much better these bars do when the girls are on their game.
I opened the New Orleans bar today. I told everyone it would be safe to let me finish and stay away because I’m in a mood today. I’m still very upset over the t-shirt thing. It might seem funny to some people but I take a great deal of pride in my company and I feel I run things with integrity and knowledge. That t-shirt design might as well read ” I’m a sexist pig and I don’t care about my company .”
Denver had a staff meeting yesterday. It was funny to hear that most of the bitching came from a few security guys. They are upset that certain guys are getting more shifts because they don’t have day jobs. Of course the guys who are more available will get certain shifts. It is not to slight the guys who have other jobs. It is to ensure that the shifts are covered. Very ridiculous.
When I am very upset there are only three things that calm me down 1. a very long shower ( I’ve been known to take 4 a day when I’m upset) 2. Walking for a few hours and 3. going on the internet and looking at shoes.( I have no idea why but this act really calms me).
The guinea pigs now have a huge outside corral to play in. What a life!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I’m sick over a t-shirt design that went to the stores that I did not approve. The particular shirt is so degrading toward women I told everyone to pull it from the shelves and send it back. Of course , Nashville has already sold some of these shirts. I really am sick over this. It is so upsetting to me. Men just don’t understand how Coyote Ugly can be such a sexy concept without being trashy. Again, Coyote 101, Coyote Ugly is about the empowerment of women. God I feel physically sick that this shirt went on the shelves and sold.
I am beside myself I have to go calm down.

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Holy Shit the NY bar came back with a vengence and sold 102 bodyshots!!!!! I’m so proud. The really great thing about that is that there are only 3 girls working on a friday in comparison to the 6, 8 10 girls in some of the bigger locations. Congrats to Maria, Vina, and Kim ( Deanna helped a little). Those NY girls are scrappers!
San Antonio is having a phenomenal week!!! It’s such a pleasure opening up the manager’s log everyday. I got a funny manager’s log from Denver about a woman throwing up and losing her fake teeth.
I went into the New Orleans bar last night. Not to jinx anything but the girls were really on their game. What I was most impressed with is them rotating on the bar with no instruction. They ran like a well oiled machine!!! I had three different groups of customers come up and tell me that the girls were awesome and they had the best time at the bar. Again , so proud!!! On the other side ” Jacqui get your butt down here , the dances look like they are being performed in a first grade class for the handicapped. Please help!”

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Friday, April 08, 2005

San Antonio is in the lead for most bodyshots done in one night. Last night they hit 99. Kelly was funny . She and Joel made a bet about hitting the 90 mark. Joel didn’t think they would but kelly did. Well obviously Joel lost. Kelly wrote to me ” Oh I made him pay up!” San Antonio is having a phenomenal week!! I’m so glad because it offsets the crappy week Nashville is having.
I have received a few e-mails from the Denver girls about how much they loved Jeff Myers and they are going to miss him. I’m sure they will. Jeff Myers is a laid back guy. He doesn’t take shit but he’s pretty easy going. Now the new GM of Denver, Kevin Robinson, is a bit of a micromanager. The last word I would use to describe him is ” Laidback”. He knows his shit and he is very much into marketing, which will really help the bar. I think it’s funny because yesterday Kevin B. and I were speaking about Kevin R. and his ideas about the girls, the music, the bar. Kevin R. was asking Kevin B. about changing the jukebox a little. Kevin B. told him, perhaps in different words, ” don’t fuck with the jukebox, Lil will have a fit.” That’s what I love about Kevin B. he knows his place.
French Quarter Fest is here. I hope the New Orleans bar does well. I’m going in tonight for a little while. I don’t know what bar I will be at this weekend I’m still contemplating it. I’m thinking I may need to visit the NY bar. I like to go there recharge my batteries with my old friends, shop with jacqui and just hang out.
Spike and Spot are doing well. I’m trying to teach Jackson to be gentle with them, very hard to teach a 5 year old boy to be gentle with anything. I got a book on guinea pigs and saw that people build these outside pens. Well I’m thinking that I will build them something cool for outside so that they can play outside a bit.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Two new additions to our household. Spot and Spike our baby guinea pigs. Jackson ran right into school and told all the kids about them.
We are having talks with CMT about a possible series. Jacqui and I were talking on the phone this morning. After we talked about our work schedules , all the traveling, when the next opening will be , we got to the real meat of what was bothering both of us. Any woman can probably guess it, our appearance. I said to Jacqui, ” now I have to get my fat ass on a diet and workout more!” The business side of me realizes that the focus on appearance will go to the “Coyotes” . But I still have my own ego to content with and I want to look half way decent .
Cancun is starting to really shape up. Surprise city should be signed this week. I am making a two month schedule to hit all my bars so I can get a grip on what’s going on internally.
I went out with a few of the New Orleans crew last night then I went to the bar. I left realitively early because I was worried about Spot and Spike. I can’t believe it, I’m a grandmother now. New Day girl, named Sasha. She’s very sexy but two left feet. Chantel will have to work on her.

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Monday morning, always rough. My phone has been ringing off the hook.
Aaron has been off for the last few weeks but we are putting him back to work. Denver has been rocking this week. I love that !
New Orleans girls, same shit different day. I’m actually contemplating a uniformed shirt because everytime I come in they look like shit. Noone cares about putting in extra effort. I bitched about this in San Antonio and the girls really stepped it up. But in New Orleans they just don’t care for the bar the way I wished they would. There are only a handfull of girls who put in extra time . They have no problem asking for time off, money, recommendations. Today is a perfect example. Chantel had a ” spring cleaning day”. Only 3 girls showed up and Will the bouncer. I’m taking only those people to dinner tomorrow night.

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

I woke up this morning with a harsh message from Marshall. It’s been about an hour and I can honestly say I am just as pissed off now as I was when I got it. Jeff Myers on the other hand left me a very nice message. ” Lil I love my job. I love you for giving me this job .
“Remember the movie ” Sophie’s Choice”? In this movie a mother is in Nazi Germany ( I think Germany) and she has to choose between her two children . One will get taken away , probably killed. The other will go with her and stay relatively safe. Merryl Streep plays the mother.
Right now I am Merrly Streep and Jeff M. is edging Marshall out. Only kidding I love Marshall . He does an excellent job !! ( just pissed me off today)
I was very moved by the pope’s death. I was born Catholic but I can’t say that I follow any religion right now. But as a human being I recognise his greatness as a peacekeeper and I feel a certain loss from his death.
” Rest in peace”

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